History as an artist

Tom started his musical career with piano at the age of 7…never really got too far past Swan Lake but later learned to convert guitar chords to piano and did a stint as the keyboardist for a sixties rock band, in Jacksonville, Florida, called The Helvetians.  Junior High School brought learning the drums and guitar and by the age of fourteen, he was playing guitar with his pal, Terry (Snuffy) Smith in a band that became known as The Mustangs…IMG_4797751373979

The Mustangs were literally a “garage band” as the rehearsal studio was the garage of drummer Don Richards.  The other guitar player (note there is no bass) was James Williams.

The Helvetians arose from a breakup of The Mustangs and Don and James went on to form one of the most popular bands in Jax at the time, The Teddy Bears.  After High School, college found Tom performing in the South Georgia College Coffee House where the “times were a changin”.  Tom started collaborating with several classmates on the music of Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary and The Kingston Trio and it was during this period that he started writing, in earnest.  His first song of note, “How Do You Forget”, is still a favorite requested by his oldest friends.South GA Coll Coffee House  1969

Songwriting has now become Tom’s passion and of late, he has been concentrating on reviving his Florida roots with music for and about Florida.  He continues to play with his band, Gnarly Fingersimage (1)and as a duo with Terry SmithSmith and Edwards at The Grant Street Music Room, Clarksville, GA  Songwriter Competition Winners

and has begun working to move his music back to home in Florida.  He has become the mandolin and banjo player with the Gnarlies and continues to work on constantly improving as a musician and songwriter…..

Tom Edwards Original Set The Will McLean Festival 2015